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Fundraising Success Kit

Fundraising Success Kit

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Tired of ho-hum fundraisers that don't meet your goals that leave you scrambling to bridge the gap?

Looking for an effective system that cuts down on both time to pull it off and is less stressful?
Or may you're a new leader and worried you don't know how to put on a successful fundraiser?

What if there was a resource to guide you every step of the way so you can:

Meet or exceed fundraising goal without all the stress;

Have a clear step by step plan to follow; and

Follow a detailed timeline and a time-tested strategy! 

Introducing The Fundraising Success Kit!

This essential kit takes all of your stress and uncertainty about fundraising and transforms it into an organized, strategic fundraising plan.

Inside you'll find:

Fundraising Formula: A 29 page guide with everything you need to be wildly successful!

  • The best time to hold a fundraiser, and when to skip having one!

  • How to pick the right fundraiser, while avoiding common pitfalls.

  • Prizes: what works and what's a waste!

  • How many fundraisers to have each year (yes, there's a formula!)

  • Detailed timeline for the most successful fundraiser so you're never in a time crunch again!

  • The right way to get teachers + staff involved (so, so many groups miss the mark on this!)

  • Bonus fundraising tips and best practices

Ultimate A-Thon Fundraising Tool Kit- Included in this Ultimate PTA/PTO A-Thon Fundraiser Toolkit is everything you'll need (except for the volunteers!) to run a wildly successful fundraiser!

No matter if it's a walk, run, bike, read or math a-thon, this is the kit that has what you need to run a successful event!

Inside you'll find six essential fully editable forms (five you'd expect, plus one that is absolutely KEY to raising lots more in a crazy simple way!) along with a tracking spreadsheet that is all set up to go:

1. Instructions for how to effectively use each of the forms
2. Walk/Run/Bike A-thon Best Practices Tips and Tricks
3. Permission Form (2 versions- one with space for your logo, and one without)
4. Pledge Sheet
5. Reminder Form
6. Pledge Reminder Form
7. Follow Up Form (aka the Secret Sauce money making form).
8. Walk-a-Thon Tracking Spreadsheet (Numbers and CSV/Excel versions included)

All of the forms are fully editable and customizable in Pages or Word!

This fundraising guide is for parent volunteers who are new to the fundraising role as well as PTA / PTO groups who want to wildly increase their fundraising profits.

    Fundraising Binder- Set up an organized planner to keep you on track throughout your term with this 63 page kit, plus all the ready to print checklists and fundraising planning sheets you'll need!  To name just a few included:

    • Fundraiser Planner + Summary gives prompts to document what worked and what didn't work to make next year's fundraising even more successful!

    • Publicity Checklist + Weekly Planner avoids leaving money on the table by not having the right PR plan!

    • Classroom Participation Tracker makes prize and incentive tracking headache free!

    • Sample Donation Request Letter and Sample Donation Acknowledgment Letter help boost donations from community partners

    • Payment request and deposit forms (Your Treasurer will love you!)

    PTO Insider Secrets: Fundraising EditionThis 24 page guide will take you from overwhelmed and without a plan to a clear headed Fundraising Chair with a mission!

    Skip over common mistakes and get on the right track from the start!  

    • How to be the Very Best Fundraising Chair
    • Secrets of Choosing the Right Fundraiser
    • Factors in Smart Fundraising Selection
    • How to Avoid Fundraising Failure

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