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Treasurer's Finance Manager for PTO and PTA

Treasurer's Finance Manager for PTO and PTA

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You signed up to be Treasurer, but you're no accountant.

You're looking for a simple and straightforward system to create a budget, track income, expenses and profits that doesn't have an annual subscription fee...

Meet the Treasurer’s Finance Manager.

This is the simple, yet comprehensive financial budgeting and reporting tool for non-profits you've been looking for!

This financial manager program includes the following:

  • Detailed Instructions with common mistakes to avoid
  • A step by step setup guide and video ensures you get the program set up perfectly!
  • Categories List - Customize with up to 50 Income and 50 Expense categories for a budget that's unique to your group.  The sample category list will help you easily create a transparent budget.
  • Transactions Registers- Keep track of each and every transaction in up to three different accounts and tag it with your predefined category to see where your group's money is going .  
  • Reconciliations - Easy to use and essential for balancing your accounts.
  • Budget Tracking Spreadsheet - Always know where your group stands financially in the big picture, year to date with a variance shown.  This sheet autofills the year-to-date income and expense totals from the register entries to easily track to your budget. Easy to print for monthly Treasurer's reports!
  • Activity Reports- Easily give committee chairs a snapshot look at how much money they've spent and how much remains in their budget.  Makes it easy for chairs to stay on budget.
  • Monthly Reports - Select your date range and watch as the report is automagically generated before your eyes.  Click print to download a print-ready report and move on to the next task on your list.

  • End of Year Statements (track up to three accounts) - reports are autogenerated and are print ready for the monthly Treasurer's Report or as an annual  Audit Cover page.

Formats Included / Software Needed

You'll receive access to the Google Sheets designed system. No special software is needed.

Why You’ll Love It

Simple bookkeeping template that's easy to learn for all volunteer treasurers.

Makes it clear to see big financial picture of your group.

Easy to set up with a few clicks.

No math required. The linked spreadsheets take care of everything for you.

Create monthly reports in mere seconds.

Digital books make
 officer transitions super easy. 

One time purchase with no annual subscription fee.

Here's what Treasurers have said about this kit: 

This is AWESOME!!! I love how easy it is to use!! Keeps all the info in one place and has made making monthly reports super easy!- Barbara

This is a great package. Just what I need for our high school PTSA budget. - Mary

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for my club or youth sports organization that's not a PTA or PTO?

Heck yes! This program will work for pretty much any organization that needs to make a budget, track income, expenses and profits.

Does this work on PCs?  How about Macs?

The Treasurer's Finance Manager runs on Google Sheets and works on whatever device you can access Google with.

I'm not very good with Excel / Google Sheets.  Or math.  Will I be able to use it?

You sure will!  There's no math required. The program takes care of all of that for you!

Do I have to buy another copy next year?

Nope!  Make a copy of the program, then re-customize for the new year.

Can I pay by check?

How are returns and refunds handled?

Due to the digital nature of the resources and that they can't be returned, refunds are not offered. Please reach out with questions before purchasing this item.